‘Playing together is an essential facet of learning an instrument and the conscientious teacher will always try to find time in the lesson for playing a duet with the pupil. This little book aims to make that interactive interchange possible and enjoyable from a very early stage in the pupil’s development’

Violinandviola Ready Printed                           Duets & ROUNDS

This handy A5 size duet book contains a set of nine original and previously unavailable violin duets. Written for beginner violinists it will enable them to tackle a technically progressive range of pieces which they can begin to enjoy playing with their teacher, family or friends during their early years of learning. The cello and viola versions are arranged so as to retain technical coherency. There is also a subsidiary sheet available so that the upper violin part can be played with a cello accompaniment.



For Violin

A mixture of new and old rounds by Mike Nelson printed in our handily sized A5 format

Another very useful book both for students and their teachers. There are twelve rounds starting at very easy  and moving on to moderate difficulty. They are all original pieces  and some have words so that they can be played and sung.


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Green Duet Playbook




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Did you know? There have been more than a third of a million duet and rounds downloads from the violinandviola web site.

A follow on book to the Yellow Duet Book - still all in first position but more technically stretching . There are eight duets ranging from Grade 1 to grade 3+ in standard. Again a set of duets specially composed by Mike Nelson.